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Established in 1969, Environmental Labs has over 40 years of experience providing environmental quality testing, management and consulting services to municipalities, utilities, healthcare facilities, private industry, consulting firms and government agencies. We provide customized solutions and services to form the foundation of a solid environmental management program.

ELI provides the following scope of services:

• Regulatory Environmental Compliance Plans.
• Industrial Hygiene Services.
• Workplace OSHA Compliance, Health and Safety Audit Programs.
• Site Environmental Assessments including soil, air and groundwater testing.
• Confined Space Supervision and Monitoring.
• Ambient Air Monitoring and Exposure Evaluations.
• Water Sampling and Analysis.
• Hazardous Waste Management and Material Inventories.
• Bioremediation for Soil and Water Applications.
• Source Emission Monitoring and Audits.


When considering your next environmental project or audit needs, please feel free to contact my office directly. Kindly forward ELI's scope of services to your colleagues who have responsibility for any of the above referenced tasks. We stand ready to discuss your upcoming projects or provide resolution to any questions you may have.