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video chimney inspection


To provide private entities, consultants and management companies with chimney smoke test services in compliance with NYC Building Code 1503.13 27-868. In addition, ELI provides independent video inspection services of chimney interiors.


In 2011, NYC promulgated regulations that phases out the use of No. 4 and No. 6 fuel oil in building boilers by the year 2030. In lieu of using these fuels, natural gas, No. 2 fuel oil and other biofuels are the alternatives.
Property owners and managers are challenged with various retrofit options to meet these new requirements. The integrity of the stack or chimney should be investigated to ascertain the need for new stack liners, repair or alterations. Both chimney video inspection and smoke test can document the existing chimney condition.


ELI in-house services include:

• NYC Building Code Chimney Smoke Test
• Color Video Inspection of Chimney Interior Walls
• Related Services to include:
• Draft Evaluations
• Excess Air Determination
• % Efficiency Determinations
• Emission Testing
• Certified Opacity Observations
• Continuous Emissions Monitoring
• Follow-up Recommendations and Liaison Assistance with NYC Building Department